Jake Worth

Jake Worth


One of my professional goals is to launch a new project every year. I'm making small bets while staying comfortable with failure.


Title: test_visualizer
Description: A Ruby gem that helps visualize your test architecture.
Title: "Technical Book About Testing" (Title TBD)
Description: I'm writing a technical book about automated testing.


Title: Maine JS
Description: I took over as organizer of this Meetup in 2023. Along with my co-organizers I've rebranded, reinvigorated, and grown group membership 2.5x through a series of monthly events.


Title: React Explained
Description: I launched this React-focused newletter during the pandemic, publishing thirty issues about the latest news and advancements in the community. The platform I used, Revue, has since shut down and issues are no longer available on the internet.


Title: "FinTech Startup"
Description: For a year I moonlighted as CTO and cofounder of a FinTech startup. We built an MVP web application in React and TypeScript and an API in Ruby on Rails. We built something I am proud of and I learned a lot.
Title: The Bell
Description: The Bell was a pandemic-inspired social-distancing art project I created and maintained from March–October 2020. Over the life of the project, The Bell was clicked over 4K times.


Title: Game of Life
Description: This is my React/TypeScript implementation of the classic cellular automaton and programming puzzle, Conway's Game of Life.
Title: SQL Workshop
Description: Jack Christensen and I built this full-day, hands-on SQL curriculum for the Code Platoon programming bootcamp. We continue to teach it live a few times a year.
Title: JavaScript Equality
Description: I built this React/TypeScript application to demonstrate the difference between twoquals and threequals in JavaScript.


Title: PG Casts
Description: PG Casts is a series of screencasts about PostgreSQL. My coworkers and I built it together during downtime at Hashrocket. I helped create the idea, build the site, and wrote, recorded, and edited six screencasts as one of the founding contributors.


Title: Today I Learned
Description: TIL was my apprentice project at Hashrocket. It has grown into a popular developers blog with 2.6K posts, millions of page views per year, and the top-ranked answers on Google to many an esoteric question. It's also open-source, one of the first such Phoenix repositories.
Title: Ceramic Nation
Description: Ceramic Nation was an auto-generated internet novel, one chapter per day, supported by a Ruby gem I wrote called Remarkovable. From 2015-2022 it produced nonsensical, occasionally inspired prose informed by a corpus of classic literature.
Title: TIL (Today I Learned)
Description: 'Technical articles; needless words omitted.' I've posted short technology learnings here since 2015.


Title: jakeworth.com
Description: The technical blog you're reading now. Learn, write, repeat.

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