Jake Worth

Jake Worth


This is my now page, updated on 9/13/23.


Maine, USA.

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  • 💻Building web applications! Currently test-driven-developing a greenfield admin portal written in React and TypeScript.
  • 🤝Organizing the Maine JS Meetup. Our next event is lightning talks on 10/10/23.
  • 🪖Volunteering at Code Platoon. Teaching a few PostgreSQL workshops and mentoring.
  • 🚀Blogging, with 187 posts published.


  • 📚Continuing Education: Creative Problem Solving from the University of Minnesota (Coursera).
  • 🎸Guitar: small repair projects, learning via transcription everything that I can: blues, 80's and 90's alternative rock, metal.
  • 🌲Gardening: Joshua Tree, cacti, succulents, tomatoes, and habanero peppers.

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