Jake Worth

Jake Worth

Pangram in TypeScript

Published: July 29, 2019 2 min read

  • typescript

I’ve been doing Exercism’s TypeScript exercises, and wanted to share some of my early solutions.

A pangram is a sentence that contains each of the 26 English letters at least once. Here’s my TypeScript class to determine if a sentence is a pangram.

class Pangram {
  input: string;

  constructor(input: string) {
    this.input = input.toLowerCase();

  isPangram(): boolean {
    const letters = this.input.replace(/[^a-z]/g, '');
    return new Set(letters).size === 26;

export default Pangram;

isPangram/0 does the work: replacing all characters not a-z with empty strings (the sentence is already lowercase), breaking the string apart via new Set, and comparing the size to 26. 26 is a borderline magical number, but it’s such a famous one in the English language that I think I get away with it.

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