Jake Worth

Jake Worth

Hello World!

Published: February 09, 2014 2 min read

I’ve been writing code for a few years now, and am proud to be launching my own developer’s blog.

The developer’s blog is a time-honored tradition in the world of software, and I am indebted to the many great programmers whose blogs I read. Our community is incredible at sharing information. My goal with this blog is to provide something of similar value, while building a record of the solutions I’ve found for future reference.

I am a web developer working in Ruby on Rails, but am interested in a broad range of topics, including responsive design, performance, testing, database management, continuous integration, source control, open source contribution and operating systems, automation, ‘startup life’, and much more. I hope to use this platform to share the challenges and triumphs I’ve experienced in front of a computer screen. Thank you for reading.

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